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Sifu Michael Tse
Sifu Michael Tse began studying Wing Chun at the age of 14 with his uncle, Tse Chiu Hung, a student of Grandmaster Ip Man. When his uncle died, he was accepted to be a student of Grandmaster Ip Chun in 1982. He moved to England in 1988 to teach Wing Chun & Qigong. He has continued to see his Sifu in Hong Kong every year since moving to the UK. Tse continues to teach around the world, passing on Ip Chun Wing Chun
Sifu Michael Tse established the Tse Qigong Centre in 1990 and publishes Qi Magazine. He has recently written a book with Master Ip Chun called, "Wing Chun Traditional Chinese Kung Fu for Self Defence & Health".
Web site:The Qi Gong Centre