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Sifu John Brogden began training in Hong Kong with Master Ip Chun in 2002. He still regularly visits Hong Kong today and runs his own association in the South of the UK.
Key Events:
1993: Begin Wing Chun journey with sifu Alan Gibson
1998 – Qualify as instructor and open own Wing Chun school
2000 – Host UK seminar for master Ip Chun at own school in UK
2002 – First trip to Hong Kong to train with master Ip Chun
2004 – Master Ip Chun personally awards John with Wing Chun Ip Chun Academy instructor certificate
To Present – Over a dozen training trips to Hong Kong; founding member of European Ip Chun Wing Chun Assoc; teaches as a passion not business; adores Wing Chun
Website: Elite Wing Chun
E-Mail :